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Marshal H. Dean III, JD, MBA

Marshal H. Dean III, JD, MBA

Financial Advisor | CUSO Financial Services, LP

611 W. Pacific Dr.
American Fork, UT 84003

I was drawn to this role of a financial advisor because of the impact you can make in someone’s life. Building trust as a good listener, asking questions and seeking to understand what that person sitting across from you wants this money to do for them is the fun part for me. The investment part is the easy part. My focus is on maintaining a process where we start with goals, put a plan around those goals, then turn to the investments to see what options are the best fit. By maintaining a full securities license as well as insurance license, I can offer the full suite of investment products.

My wife and I met in law school and we are both licensed, non-practicing attorneys. In addition to the law degree, I completed an MBA. We have two wonderful children that when they greet someone speak when spoken to and give a firm handshake while maintaining eye contact. We say our please and thank yous and believe in good hugs (not a big fan of the side hug). My wife’s emotional intelligence far surpasses mine, and it warms my heart to see our kids develop the tools to deal with life’s twists and turns. We believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated and a servant mindset is the key to long term happiness.

I like to put energy into things that you can get better at over time. While I love baseball, I tell people that I’m probably not going to be a better baseball player in 10 years, but I could be a better golfer. Golf is my favorite sport which is followed closely behind by skiing (water and snow). We are animal lovers and definitely tend to personify our pets. I was raised with pure bred German Shepherds, but we adopted an Australian Shepherd mix from the Humane Society to be our dog – a great decision by my wife. Our dog holds me accountable at 6:15am to make sure we both get a walk in to start the day. The joy that a pet can bring to a home far outweighs the responsibility and dog hair. Lastly, I love to cook, enjoy growing flowers and vegetables, and I take so many pictures because I’m not good at setting aside the time to write in a journal. I figure each time I take a picture, it’s like I’m writing around 1000 words.